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1. particle concentration (from which     cleanliness classes based on several     standards are derived)
2. oil temperature
3. oil viscosity

1. analysis from bottle samples
2. online measurement at the pressure     of the hydraulic system up to 420 bar     or 6000 psi
3. online measurements in with ecoline     ump 045 by argo ecotec e.g. during     filling or off-line filtration of a hydraulic     system for stationary or mobile     hydraulic equipment


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Filtroil provides the best particle counter on the market, the PODS (portable oil diagnostic system). The unit can test particle counts ranging from 1 to 100 micron with on-line sampling or bottle sampling. The unit is portable with a protective case and can provide output in ISO MTD, ACF or NAS standards. Laser particle counting is the best way to know whether your fluids are clean enough for your equipments demands.

The heart of PODS is a new sensor for particle counting. Based on the concept of Light Extinction, it detects particles of >2µm (c) ISO-MTD (Medium Test Dust). The pressure of the hydraulic system moves the oil sample through the sensor during online operation. In bottle sampling mode, the necessary pressure to induce sample flow is produced by CO2 stored in a small refillable pressure bottle (in the field) or compressed are (in the lab). Other sensors measure oil temperature and viscosity. The sample flow rate is measured and automatically regulated depending on oil viscosity. Each sample has one run for flushing (programmable) and three measurement runs of either 5, 10 or 20 mL. The analysis time depends on the oil viscosity and is as fast as 1 minute up to 2.5 minutes.

Detection Method Light Extinction
Sensor Performance Meets Japanese Industry Standard (JIS 9925 B: 1997)
4-100 µm ( c ) (ISO-MTD); ~1-100 µm (ACFTD)
Size Range 8 Channels at any size between
4-64 µm ( c ) present:
Size Channels ISO-MTD sizes [µm (c ) ]: ACFTD sizes [µm] - Sizes used for classification according to ISO
Flow Rate 15-50 ml/min (automatic or by users choice)
Calibrations ISO-MTD in oil (ISO 11171:2000)
Cleanliness Classification ISO 4406; NAS 1638; MIL-STD-1246C; NAVAIR 01-1A-17
Cleanliness Class Range ISO 4406 Code 1 up to 24
Concentration Limit 90,000 Particles/ml @ 10% optical coincidence
Results Measured Cleanliness class (according to standard), Concentration (Particles/ml), Temperature (ºF or ºC), Viscosity (mm²/s, cSt, SUS)
Light Source Laser diode
Counting Efficiency Meets JIS 9925 B: 1997
Counting Accuracy Counting accuracy traceable to microscopic counting
Wetted Materials Stainless steel, sapphire, aluminum, Aflas, PTFE
Fluid Pressure 90-6000 psi (0.5-420 bar)
Temperature 32-194 ºF (0-90ºC) oil @ 77º F (25º C) ambient
32-122 ºF (0-50ºC) ambient
32-104 ºF (0-40ºC) internal
Relative Humidity 20-85% operational, non-condensing
Up to 98% storage
Viscosity 5-500 mm²/s for viscosity measurement and particle counting; 1-850 mm²/s for particle counting only
Fluid Compatibility Mineral oils and phosphoric ester (For biodegradable pressure fluids please ask us!)
Pressure Medium Liquid CO2 (1 bottle for approx, 60 oil samples) or compressed air
Oil Sample Bottles
100 ml
Cast aluminum housing
Carry handle & shoulder strap
Universal power adapter/charger (90-240 VAC)
Internal thermal line printer
LCD display and keypad
Memory capacity for 500 samples
RS232C communication port
Quick connect for shop air (clean, dry) 90-110 psi (4-7 bar)
Exchangeable CO2-bottle, refillable, filled with 100g CO2
NiMH battery microprocessor controlled recharging for extended battery lifetime, about 4h permanent working time
Digital output 0-5 Vdc/<20mA no load; analog input 0-5 Vdc
Online adapter with Minimess fitting M 16X2
Operating Modes Bottle Sampling (90-110 psi or 4-7 bar); Online Sampling (7-6000 psi or 0,5-420 bar)
Monitoring of ECOLINE UMP 045 by ARGO ECOTEC
Software PODSWare for download, storage and management of PODS data under Windows® 95 or higher.
Weight 25 lb (11.5 kg) (WxLxD) 11.8x13.8x7.9 in.
Measurements (300x350x200 mm)

2600 East Cary St. Suite 5102 Richmond, VA 23223
804.359.9125 outside the U.S. and Canada
1.800.638.3866 toll free   804.359.9128 fax
Email: filtroil@filtroil.com
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