Filtroil LLC has been in business for over 30 years and is located in Richmond, VA. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality by-pass filtration systems for industrial fluids. The benefits of these products help extend the life of oil, the life blood of your equipment. Cleaner oil will also extend the life of the machinery and its components helping organizations save money while being environmentally responsible.

Our commitment to high quality products does not stop with by-pass filtration. We offer several products and services geared towards total contamination control and proactive maintenance. These products range from free oil analysis consultation to laser particle counters that will help monitor the condition of the fluid in machinery.

With the core filtration product line and our miscellaneous products and services Filtroil aims to provide the cleanest fluid possible and monitor it so that companies can focus on their own core competencies. The end result will be increased reliability and productivity making us more competitive and sustainable in a rapidly changing world.

Our product is backed by a 100% guarantee with an unconditional 90-day, buy back warranty.

Here are several reasons why Filtroil would be a profitable addition for companies requiring hydraulic filtration:

Maintains oil quality 2 to 5 grades cleaner than new oil
Reduces machine hydraulic repairs 25% to 35%
Reduces waste oil disposal volume 40% to 75%
Reduces lubrication and hydraulic oil purchase 30% to 65%
Ultra fine filtration (0.1 micron) with water removal capability
Provides significant economic payback.
Environmental benefits

We also have a complete product offering of pressure/in-line filters. These filters are competitively priced and are guaranteed to meet or exceed the quality and reliability of any original manufacturer. As I am sure you are aware, the combination of pressure and by-pass filtration both protect and prevent contamination, which is the primary cause of oil deterioration and wear to expensive hydraulic components. The combination of in-line pressure filtration and off-line by-pass filtration will both protect and prevent contamination from wearing on expensive components in hydraulic, gear or engine oil systems.