Frequently Asked Questions


Why do you need more than the factory recommended in-line filtration on capital equipment?

The factory filtration usually installed on capital equipment is put in place as "protective" filtration. This in-line turbulent flow filtration will capture the large particles quickly so that catastrophic failures and heavy wear do not occur. The Filtroil by-pass filtration system is a sub-micron filter that works in conjunction with the in-line filters. The 1 micron absolute filter will take out the silt-size and smaller particles that in-line filtration cannot remove, thereby preventing the every day wear on machine components and dramatically prolonging the life of the oil.

What is an ISO Code?

An ISO code shows the number of particles contained in 1 milliliter (20 drops) of oil at 4, 6, and 14 micron determined by oil analysis or laser particulate counters. It is recommended that you test your oil 2-12 times per year depending on the critical nature of your equipment.

What is a Beta Ratio?

Beta Ratio is the number of particles upstream of the filter at a particular micron size and larger, divided by the number of particles downstream from the filter at a particular micron size and larger. For example, if you had 200 particles at 3 micron or larger entering a filter and had 1 particle 3 micron or larger after it passed through the filter your beta ratio at 3 micron would be 200/1 or 200. The beta ratio for Filtroil at 1.5 micron is over 750.

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes, we have a 90 day buy-back guarantee on our product. If you are not pleased with the Filtroil system for any reason we will buy the system back from you.